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Push-to-Talk Solutions for Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 pandemic has forced all industries to adapt quickly while also delivering excellent customer service. The healthcare industry such as hospitals become one that faces many changes. Many hospitals are now going online to provide customers with easy and quick access to their product information and administration services. As well as treating patients, current medical practice needs to meet patient expectations by delivering easy access and excellent customer service. Therefore, hospitals need a multi-purpose yet secure device to support their employee to deliver excellent customer services while efficiently connect with multiple departments and can manage tasks in one device.

Push-to-talk (PTT) solutions offer several benefits to support healthcare industry. PTT enables users to communicate instantly by sending and receiving voice messages with just push a button. As technology rapidly grows, PTT doesn’t just deliver voice messages but can also deliver multi-purpose messages such as images, video, voice, and data. Most of the current PTT solutions use smartphones or even tablets as PTT devices that replace conventional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) devices like walkie-talkies. Moreover, PTT devices are now no longer limited in terms of range; with just an internet connection or Wi-Fi, modern PTT solution enables users to communicate instantly with each other. Another benefit of PTT devices is that they typically have a programmable button that allows users to have quick access and use them in any work environment. As a PTT solution provider, Smartcom is glad to bring solutions for healthcare industry by providing the latest PTT devices that support healthcare operations.

The Best Push-to-Talk Devices for Healthcare Industry

Smartcom provides Samsung Rugged Phones such as Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, Galaxy XCover 5, and Galaxy Tab Active 3. The combination of these three devices can facilitate healthcare departments like hospital operations to improve employee productivity and patient experience. For doctors who are in direct contact with patients, the Galaxy Tab 3 can serve as a multi-purpose tablet to hold appointments remotely, and its large screen gives doctors room to conveniently diagnose, access patient records, and monitor patient health at any time.

Furthermore, because of its portable shape and ability to accommodate communication and collaboration needs with essential work apps; makes Galaxy XCover 5 and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro are suitable for management, nurses, security, administration, and paramedical staff. With enhanced touch sensitivity, these devices remain touch-responsive and can still be used by nurses and paramedical staff who are required to wear gloves.

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