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Talking On Walkie-Talkie

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​Smartcom is a licensed Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providing a one-stop service for your Islandwide Push-To-Talk (PTT) service based in Singapore. Established in 2015, Smartcom is committed to providing the best PTT solutions for various industries, including oil and gas, healthcare, retail, hotel and hospitality, and many more.

We strive to provide efficient mission-critical solutions with the fastest and widest coverage by partnering with TASSTA and Singtel. We are proud to deliver high-quality islandwide walkie-talkie products from Samsung, Hytera, Sonim, iSafe and Ecom. Our products have successfully supported more than 100+ companies in Singapore. Let's discuss!

TASSTA Smartcom Pte Ltd
Singtel Smartcom Pte Ltd
Samsung Smartcom Pte Ltd
iSafe Smartcom Pte Ltd
Hytera Smartcom Pte Ltd
Sonim Smartcom Pte Ltd
Ecom Smartcom Pte Ltd


Digital Transformation

All communication platforms (phone calls, PTT, business apps) are integrated into one device.

Reduce Operational Downtime

It is essential to have backup devices for critical operations. To keep your team connected, loan devices will be provided when your devices are being repaired.

Backup Mode during 4G cellular outage

Push-to-talk communication will still be available even during telco network outages.

Direct Service Support

Smartcom has direct support from Samsung Electronics, Hytera, Sonim and Ecom. TASSTA Solution is also the Push-to-talk solution partner of Singtel.

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