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The Largest US Retailer uses Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro to Improve The Customer Shopping Experience

The largest US retailer, Walmart, is giving each employee a free Samsung smartphone by the end of 2021. Walmart put over 740,000 Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphones to Walmart store associates across the U.S. This is Samsung's largest mobile enterprise deal ever in the U.S.

Photo by Walmart

Previously, Walmart employees had to use different devices throughout their shift, from barcode scanners to walkie-talkies. The Galaxy XCover Pro will replace those two devices that Walmart employees had to carry during work. As well as the need for an agile mobile device with Walmart's integrated custom app - the Me@Walmart app.

The Galaxy XCover Pro is designed to be a multi-purpose smartphone to help various industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and so forth. It has an immersive display, long-lasting battery, lightweight and durable design, and powerful camera. Different from the standard consumer phone, Galaxy XCover Pro has additional programmable buttons. The buttons can be configured as a Push To Talk (PTT) key, to launch the camera or link to an app (it can also serve multiple functions by single or double tapping).

Photo by Samsung

“We wanted our associates to use this device all day to serve customers, but then also use it as their personal device if they chose.”said Kellie Romack, Walmart’s vice president for associate experience and customer care. Samsung and the Walmart team collaborated to customise and configure Galaxy XCover Pro devices by integrating Samsung Knox into the device. Samsung Knox helps Walmart manage automated enrollment, firmware management, device and Wi-Fi network analytics, device loss and prevention, and deep device customisation. This platform protects the personal data of Walmart employees so that they can use it both at work and at home. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is an ideal solution for Walmart's need to improve employee productivity and experience, which will lead to a better shopping experience for Walmart customers.




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