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Solution For Your Next Plant Shutdown

plant shutdown tips from smartcom pte ltd

Planning an annual maintenance shutdown can be difficult if it is not prepared carefully. But how to run a plant shutdown effectively? Here is a solution for your oil and gas company to run a plant shutdown effectively:

1. Save your time during the plant shutdown

Coordination can be essential before and during the shutdown moment, from briefing the maintenance crew about the process to reporting ongoing maintenance. Using ATEX devices (either mobile phones or tablets) that are already installed with TASSTA can be a great option for you to help the whole team including the plant manager, and maintenance crews for coordinating and managing tasks during the plant shutdown.

With TASSTA, the maintenance crew is able to send images or videos to record and report about the items that may need to be fixed or replaced. Even more, TASSTA has Push to Video (PTV) call feature where the user only pushes the PTT button to do the video call and it does not require confirmation from the recipient unless the recipient is already in another call. Considering that the plant area is large, this PTV capability helps the maintenance crews to not meet with the plant manager in person. So that they can coordinate effectively and save time by just sending messages through TASSTA application.

2. Save budget with short-term rental

For cost-effectiveness, you need to ensure which expenses that could be reduced for running a plant shutdown. For example, you could book a short-term rental of ATEX devices to facilitate your crew for doing coordination during the plant shutdown. If compared with a long-term contract that requires extra fees, a short-term rental could be more effective for a plant shutdown which happens at least once a year.


If you need help with our solution for your next plant shutdown, call us at +65 6242 4246, email or chat with our customer service through Live Chat on our website. We will assign a salesperson to assist you in finding the best solution for your business.

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