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Push-to-Talk Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Push-to-Talk in the Oil & Gas industry used to mean just that. Push-to-Talk.

However, with the advances in software technology and ATEX devices, it simply does not make economical sense to just have one device for only one use.

For example, most companies now are using some sort of predictive maintenance software within their plant to evaluate the condition of their operational equipment and predict maintenance requirements, in order to reduce the likelihood of failures.

There are also some Oil & Gas companies that are using mobile applications to implement their Safety Management to ensure quality assurance and control into practice.

oil and gas worker using push to talk solutions

With such software so deeply integrated within the Oil & Gas industry, it no longer makes sense to purchase another ATEX device purely for Push to Talk.

It is increasingly common for Oil & Gas plant operators to carry around ATEX tablets with predictive maintenance software in the tablets or service manuals in those tablets.

Petronas recently implemented its digital transformation by improving decision-making with cloud-based applications and because of this, it made sense for them to start using ATEX tablets and even private 5G to adapt the bandwidth that comes with cloud computing.

oil and gas worker monitor field using tablet with push to talk solutions

Now imagine using THAT existing tablet or your existing 4G/5G smart devices such as the Ecom Smart-Ex® 02 DZ2 or the new 5G device the IS540.1 5G. Combine that with a Mission-Critical Push to Talk application such as TASSTA, and you are able to use all your existing Predictive Maintenance software, your Safety Management software, as well as your Push to Talk, ALL ON ONE DEVICE.

With TASSTA, PTT is elevated even further by using existing sensors, existing cameras on your tablets or phones, and pushing the boundaries even more. TASSTA Lone Worker Protection ensures your team is in constant communication. By incorporating the smart device sensors, such as the gyroscope or the accelerometer, the team will be able to tell if anyone on their team has fallen down or recently received a hard impact and will sound the emergency alarm.

With TASSTA Indoor Localisation, you are also able to locate all your manpower anywhere within the building or job site with pinpoint precision. From a WSH point of view, nothing can be more reassuring that being able to locate your manpower in case of emergency.

Contact us to show how Smartcom is able to integrate our Mission Critical Push to Talk into your existing environment.


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