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Intrinsically Safe Devices for Hazardous Environments

Intrinsically Safe Walkie talkie for oil and gas ECOM Ex-handy 10

Everyone remembers the Motorola i365IS device for the GRID network. This was a good device that lasted more than 15 years in Singapore. After this, the H375 never did live up to its predecessor.

In today’s world of large data consumption and multi-application devices, such a device just no longer has any more use in the current Intrinsically Safe workplace.

And that is why devices such as Ecom Smart-Ex 02 and the Ex-Handy 10 play such an important role in the Oil and Gas industry.

Intrinsically Safe Walkie talkie for oil and gas ECOM Ex-handy 10 vs smart ex-02

The two devices vary in terms of use cases. Both are ATEX standards with both having Zone 1 and Zone 2 standards. But it’s the use case that would usually decide which devices you would need.


If you only require a device that is able to make or receive phone calls and you are using a PTT solution such as TASSTA, the Ex-Handy 10 would be more than enough for your operations with its dedicated PTT button. However, if you are using your device for applications such as preventive maintenance applications, job order ticketing and other Android-based applications, the Smart-Ex 02 would be a better fit. The Smart-EX 02 is the first product in the Ecom line that uses the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) platform while the Ex-Handy 10 uses the consumer-grade Android 9. With the larger screen, the Smart-Ex 02 also makes it handy for other applications such as WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams. However, if your daily areas of operation require extreme ruggedised devices, I would suggest the Ex-Handy 10 as it has a lesser screen area and a more robust built quality.

Built Quality

Both devices are ruggedised and Ecom has always been known for their built quality. And ever since they got bought over but Pepperl+Fuchs, you can be assured of their built quality. The smaller screen does play a huge role in terms of “breakability” since it does have a smaller screen and so it’s less prone to breakage compared to the Smart-Ex 02. But if you do need to type “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” with all 26 letters of the alphabet used, I’m sure you’ll be glad that the ruggedised design would help if you were to smash the Ex-Handy 10 on the floor.

Intrinsically Safe devices walkie talkie for oil and gas

Product Evolution

Ecom has been in the ATEX market for a long time. And now, they also have ATEX tablets for those that would require a larger real estate for computing or job ticketing. Compared to their predecessors, most of Ecom’s models now reflect a larger screen size and that also shows the future of operations, where a larger screen size would enable the man on the ground to be able to do more than just reporting and able to do more remote work with the command centre able to see in real-time the progress.

The current intrinsically safe operations have changed drastically over the past 5 years. What was once just voice communication has evolved to even Augmented Reality glasses such as the Rokid X-Craft which is a 5G enabled ATEX AR Glasses that users are able to see the schematics of complicated equipment or a 3D scan of a large machine.

With 5G being easily accessible, it’s about time to make full use of its low latency as well as the large data throughput available.

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