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Using a Smartphone


T.Flex Features

GPS Localization

T.Flex is incorporated with the device GPS receiver. Tracking information can be uploaded to the network for each user so that they are able to track themselves or other users on a map.

Emergency Call

The emergency call is intended to keep the T.Flex client safe and in contact with assistance. In the event of an emergency, an alarm will alert other users and dispatcher immediately. 

Lone Worker Protection (LWP)

Using the accelerometer on the mobile device, it will detect a fall and sends a text message alert to an emergency contact. This is also to assure the user is always connected to people, even though they are away from their team.

Voice Recording & Call History

Users are able to recall a missed call or hear a message they missed when they were offline. Users are able to see call details and replay records in the History Interface in the main menu.

Group Call

With Push-To-Talk(PTT), you can reach hundreds of users, with just a press of a button.

Individual Call

Allows users to communicate privately outside the group. This feature provides the dispatcher a secure user-to-user simplex voice communication with the press of a button. 

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