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Logistics 4.0: Digital Transformation for the Logistics Sector

Smartcom Koamtac Barcode Scanning For Logistic Industry

With the world moving towards digitisation, one of the main industries that would greatly benefit from digitizing their operations will be the logistics and transportation sectors.

Digitisation is working remarkably and effectively in transforming logistics services and making them more efficient, as digitisation, with its modern technologies, contributes to reducing costs and increasing product availability.

A good digitization case study would be the Haulio app. It is a digital container haulage platform that secured US$7m in its Series A funding and what Haulio created is a powerful digital platform that bridges the traditional haulage business offline-online thereby transforming the first-mile logistic operations.

Another prime example that would never be possible a decade earlier would be companies such as Lalamove. Lalamove operates a technology platform that connects drivers with customers that need delivery services all via their application.

Multiple Logistic Applications on One Device

Add that digitisation effort with accessories such as Koamtac barcode scanners that integrate with Samsung’s XCover 5 or XCover 6 Pro, and what you get is an All-in-One device that combines multiple applications such as Haulio as well as TASSTA’s Mission Critical Push-to-Talk solution that can integrate with a 2D barcode scanner or RFID reader.

Over-the-Air updates to ensure all the applications are up-to-date to prevent any potential security vulnerabilities

With such applications all on one device, you must also ensure that all applications are up-to-date to prevent security vulnerabilities. And that is where a device such as the Samsung XCover series, combined with Samsung Knox, prevents pain points in adopting smart devices in your operations such as those listed below.

  • Misuse of devices for video streaming or data tethering

  • Loss of device and allowing security breach

  • Multiple applications not having the same applications versions as the rest of the fleet

  • iPad battery bloating from being in the sun all-day

Logistic 4.0 aims to create smart, interconnected and highly automated logistics systems that can improve efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness while reducing the risk of errors and delays. With a smart and connected device, logistic providers can use real-time data to optimize supply chain operations, enhance customer service and reduce costs. What was not possible a decade ago, you are now able to Barcode Scan with real-time reporting, Geolocate as well as Push-to-Talk or Push-to-Video, ALL ON ONE DEVICE.


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