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Walkie Talkie Applications

There are several types of walkie-talkie applications in the market at the moment. From consumer-grade PTT applications such as Zello and Microsoft Teams to Mission Critical or Business Critical applications such as TASSTA or Motorola Wave.


There are also “In-House built” applications such as Grid Talk or Voice Ping that do not adopt international standards such as the MCPTT standard set by the 3GPPP or ETSI.


At Smartcom, we pride ourselves by using a Business-Critical Application, TASSTA, for our Push-To-Talk Application, while having the largest network, Singtel, as our backbone. TASSTA is known for being involved in every MCPTT plug test ran by ETSI to ensure they are updated in every latest development while being with Singtel, ensures that the network is always available.

The Best Walkie-Talkie Apps of 2024

Several PTT applications only focus on the voice and integration of the application to an existing radio network. However, Smartcom believes that integration with an existing radio network is just a bridge to a future where everything will be running on LTE or 5G. This means that voice will no longer be the only thing your operations will need but instead, a combination of company-wide applications, video communication, augmented reality integration, as well as lone worker features and man-down features are all incorporated into one device.



MCPTT is 3GPPP’s answer to the issues discussed in previous topic, namely, an open standard PTT over LTE specification that meets the mission-critical requirements as identified in the U.S. by the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) including a plan for integrating LMR and LTD.


What this means is, any MCPTT application that you choose for your organisation or agency, should be future-proof and recognised internationally while following a clear and defined international standard.

Using a PTT application like TASSTA ensures that you get constant updates, and even an on-premise setup should the need arise. Sensitive organisations such as Oil & Gas companies, private security agencies and even government agencies are able to have a closed network PTT solution within their own premises or data centre with all the security features and encryption enabled. TASSTA has even fully integrated its servers with a private LTE and private 5G network so that the Push-to-Talk or the Push-to-Video services run privately on the client’s network.

Push-to-video TASSTA PTT Walkie Talkie Applications

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