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6 Philippine airports utilize the MCX system in delivering excellent services to their visitor

The airport is the first place that you visit whenever you are going to travel abroad by air. Many of the airports have recently been upgraded including their communication system. This is intended to provide excellent services and facilities for all the visitors that embark and depart from there. Philippines is one of the countries that has upgraded its communication system in six airports in the country including Clark, Kalibo, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, and Manila.

Those airports relied on TETRA solution, which is one of Teltronic products that provides Mission-Critical Communication (MCX) system. Teltronic has replaced the existing DMR and Analog radio network. This enables MacroAsia to operate a secure, highly reliable system with advanced capabilities for all groups operating at the airport, including the runway operations control center, plane landing, and take-off signaling, airport information service, security personnel, tow vehicles, and emergency services, amongst others.

The Teltronic’s Nebula infrastructure supports communications both intra and inter airports even with a single system. Furthermore, the airports can manage their communications autonomously or establish communications between the different airports if necessary in case of emergency or in any other situation that requires wider coordination. Teltronic completes its solution with a network control node and a network management system to manage the overall system and allow real-time monitoring of all base stations. The solution also enables dispatching and real-time GPS positioning of all subscribers at the six airports by including a CeCoCo control center.



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