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Why Smartcom?

Smartcom Pte. Ltd. provides the latest 4G LTE Walkie Talkie in Singapore. Being the pioneer of the Mission Critical Push-to-Talk service provider, Smartcom has always been at the forefront of technology. Partnered with Singtel for their exceptional coverage, you can rest assured that your coverage extends beyond just tunnels and in-buildings.

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Push to Talk (PTT) Advanced System

The most efficient way to communicate using WiFi or the best network carrier.

Data Security

All data communication are protected with AES 256 Encryption.


TASSTA's Lone Worker Protection (LWP) controls emergency or distress situations when one of your users needs help in critical conditions.

GPS Recording

An operator can quickly access the user movement history and keep track of specific users. 

Indoor & Outdoor
GPS Localization

Track user's location on the map accurately with GPS. With Geo-fencing, you are able to locate objects and users inside of a building.

Voice Recording &
Call History

Our System has unparalleled voice recording and call history capabilities, allowing users to go back to a missed call or listen to a message that was left while they were offline. 


Operator can access the microphone or camera of the desired user remotely. It can be essential for critical environments like security services or the military.


There are many other features available such as: E2E Encryption, Messaging, Local History and more!

Main Features

Industry Coverage

Oil & Gas

Emergency Services

Building & Construction


Logistics & Transportation

Hospitality & Hotel


Public Transportation

Key Benefits


Digital Transformation

All communication platforms (phone calls, PTT, business apps) are integrated into one device.

Reduce Operational Downtime

It is essential to have backup devices for critical operations. To keep your team connected, loan devices will be provided when your devices are being repaired.

Backup Mode during 4G cellular outage

Push-to-talk communication will still be available even during telco network outages.

Direct Service Support

Smartcom has direct support from Samsung Electronics. TASSTA is the Push-to-talk solution partner of Singtel.



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