The T.BRIDGE Is The TASSTA Bridge To PMR Network


T.Bridge will extend the flexibility of your network. You can connect two different PMR systems (e.g. TETRA and MOTOTRBO). On the other hand, TASSTA can connect users who are actually working outside of your coverage and that way increase your range. Users connected by TASSTA have a choice in choosing their own device - smartphones, tablets or desktops - across the operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.


T.Bridge is a universal solution connecting PMR networks with each other over an API interface and expand the PMR network with TASSTA. The T.Bridge concept keeps the idea to provide users with vendor independence.


There is no limitation to expand an existing PMR solution. With T.Bridge you are able to connect another PMR or TASSTA network to an existing one. Adding other resources can expand your system as desired – anytime and everywhere.


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