NetCloud Coverage Technology

Smartcom's Island-Wide Digital Two Ways Portable Radio

Extensive Island-wide Coverage

Signal covered all major expressway tunnel and most of the commercial and industrial buildings's basement level, carpark area, stairway etc.

Unlimited Talk-Time

Users does not required to monitor their monthly usage as they will not exceed the monthly talk time at all.

Multiple Talk-Group Configuration

Allow user to create and configure multiple talk group which facilitate better communications protocol. 

No Extra Work/In-Building Installation Required

Does not required any additional work to be carried our in your building or premises in order to use the walkie talkie



SMARTCOM SC808 uses the latest NetCloud Coverage Technology to make communications easier than before. It helps company to communicate more effectively with their employee no matter which part of Singapore they are, such as in the expressway tunnel, inside a building or even in the basement. Best of all, it also able to connect you with anyone using the same network around the world.

Product Features

Heavy duty - Durable and compact design built to last.

IP57 rated - Prevent ingress of dust sufficient to cause harm & protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth

Superior Voice Quality - Static and noise are cancelled to make the voice clarity remarkably clear.

Easy User-Interface - Simple user-interface able new user to use it without complication.

GPS Nav-System- In-built GPS feature enable track and manage ability 

Technical Specification

Working Platform: WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE

Channel Capacity: >20 Channels

Battery Capacity: Lithium 2000mAH

Operating Temperture: -30 degree Celsius/+60 degree Celsius

Storage Temperature: -40 degree Celsius/+85 degree Celsius

IP Rating: 57